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ARRIVED MAY 7, 2017 AT 1:30 AM

Our mare, Southforty Simply Perfection, foaled a beautiful Red Dun colt on Sunday, May 7.  He was up and standing within an hour and even though it took him a few hours to figure out the whole nursing business, he has made up for it now.  This boy came out looking like a much older foal.  He passed his vet check with flying colors and has been running around the stall like the next Kentucky Derby contender.

The sire is our stallion, Blue Knight, and this is the first pairing between these two. We are beyond thrilled with this baby so look forward to more foals from these two. 

When he is weaned he will be moving to Maryland with his new owner.  His name will be Knight's Red Flame.  She has been waiting on this boy since before he arrived.

Just look at the dun markings on this boy.  He has a very distinct stripe down his back and stripes on all 4 legs.  He also has some shadowing on his forehead and on his shoulder.  He is really marked up!!!!

I am probably going to regret selling this boy!  He is that perfect!