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Rain go away!

Posted by kim haynes on May 13, 2016 at 12:50 AM

We have had nothing but rain, just about every day, for two weeks now!!  The horses are staying dirty, they can't hardly run and play because if they do they slide everywhere.  Really wish we would have a nice break in this rain.  I keep telling myself it's good for the grass!! 

On a good note, all the foals are doing well and growing like weeds!  They have all been put together and seem to enjoy being around each other.  Sunny, the oldest girl, tries to boss the others around and will run them off if she doesn't want to be bothered with them.  It's quite comical.  They have had lots of visitors this year and I really believe this makes them more social as they grow.  All 3 girls are very friendly and love to be scratched and will follow you around for attention.  Their mothers are very tolerant and are busy eating the grass is at grows!!  Fun times.

My 3 year old filly came home from training and I can't wait to ride her.  Will be riding her this coming weekend on a short ride at a friends house. She has a shorter trail that is pretty level and goes through the woods around her property.  If she does well, we will venture down her gravel road to a small bridge that goes over to the creek.  She has no neighbors nearby so the gravel road has no traffic.  I will see how she does with this before I venture out anywhere with her.  If she is like my last girl I had trained, I will have no problems at all.

Stay tuned

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