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Harmony is a sweet mare and if I didn't decide, after much soul searching to keep her foal, she would stay here at HSR. I have only had her for 2 years but the first year I rode her on the trails for several camping trips and she did just fine.  She don't like to be lagging behind everybody and will want to catch up if all the horses get out of sight but that's the only negative I saw that she had. She really keeps up with everyone and is usually in the middle of the pack or to the front.  As we ride with a group all the time it didn't bother me.  She stands great for mounting and dismounting, has a nice trail gait, listens well to her rider, and is mannerly on the ground. No trouble loading and unloading in trailer and she does fine stalled or in the pasture.  She will run others off if they come to get her food at grain time but that's the only time.  She likes a pasture mate with her as she likes to have company.  I don't know how she rides alone as I have always ridden with a group. 

She also was easy to breed and had a beautiful foal (Smoky Silver Grulla Roan)  so she will make a nice broodmare also.

$5000.  She will be ready for a new home this spring.  I don't have many pics of her here on the site but if you contact me I do have more on a drive that I can email you.

For more pictures of her go to the page "Mare and Fillies at HSR" and look at her pictures.  This girl is gorgeous!!!

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