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Rocky Mountain Horses and Kentucky Mountain Horses



At this time we do not have any mountain horses for sale.  In 2020 we will have 3 mountain horse foals for sale.  They are due in March, April and May.  Please let me know if you might be interested in hearing what foals are born next year.   Don't wait too long!  I normally get deposits on my foals before they are weaned.

My mare that is due in March could foal end of February, first of March. She normally foals about 20 days early.  The foal will be KMSH registered.  Colors could be Bay, red chocolate, chocolate or black.  She has full Rocky Mountain lineage but was not registered Rocky when she was young.  The stallion and mare are both naturally gaited and all her foals have been very personable and easily trained.  

Keep watch for updates as she gets closer!

My 2nd mare is due April.  She is a chocolate roan and is bred to Bulletproof, a red roan.  Foal could be homozygous and will definitely be a roan as he is homozygous roan.  Will not be a red roan as Diva is homozygous black.  Foal can be chocolate roan, blue roan, bay roan or red chocolate roan.  Foal will be for sale and will be tested before pricing.  Will be Rocky Mountain eligible and KMSH eligible.

My 3rd mare is due May.  She is a silver grulla and is bred to my black stallion, Blue Knight.  There are too many colors to name but we hope that she throws her dun gene.  

All the foals are handled daily upon foaling.  We really give them a lot of one on one training and they are very personable and easily worked with as they mature.  The parents are nicely gaited and are or have been trail horses in the past.  Our stallion was shown for 2 years at the Rocky Mountain shows and his gait can't be beat.  Come see them for your self.  We welcome visitors at any time.


We can be reached at home in the evenings at 304-487-6772.  Cell phone any time is 304-888-6165. If we do not answer, please leave a message and we will get right back to you.  Or fill in the form below and it will email us.