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We really appreciate all of our customers that have purchased horses from us. We love sharing the wonderful mountain horse breed with new owners.

Call or email us today to see what we have available.

Rhapsody in Blue (Harmony) went to live with her new owner, Whitney D, in Roanoke, VA in September 2019. She will be sorely missed here at HSR. She was a great riding mare and broodmare but I know that Whitney loves her already. She may even hit the showrings this year I hear.asd

HSR Blue Knight Cheyenne went to live with her new owner, L. Wright, of Narrows, VA on March 16, 2019. She is a 9 month old Red Chocolate KMSH filly. The sire is our stallion Blue Knight and the dam is our KMSH mare, Little Mischevious Baby. She will be joining her full sister HSR Wayward Moon whom lives there also.

HSR Grayson Hilands went to live with his new owner, K. White, in Statesville, NC on February 23, 2019. He was an 8 month old Grullo colt and he is settling in well with her other young colt. 

The sire was our stallion, Blue Knight, and the dam is our mare, SouthForty Simply Perfection. This was her third foal and boy is she throwing her dun gene every time. Her first foal was a silver grulla roan filly, 2nd foal was a red dun, and then this gorgeous boy.  

HSR Remington's Blue Steele went to his new home February 9, 2019 to Medina, Indiana. He was an 8 month old Blue roan colt. He settled right in with her herd and one of her mares took him in under her wing.

The sire was Remington East and the dam is our mare, MF Gai's Joya de Tejas. Cannot wait to see what he looks like this spring.

Congratulations E. and M. Hurley-you all got a good colt.

Congratulations to Lydia W from Narrows, VA on the purchase of HSR Wayward Moon (Spicy), an upcoming 3 year filly. She left for her new home in October 2018. This girl was sired by our stallion Blue Knight and her dam is Little Mischevious Baby, our KMSH mare. 

We hope to see this girl on the trails next year as she will live only about 20 miles from us.

Julie B. from Baltimore MD is the exicted new owner of this beautiful 2017 colt, Knight's Red Flame (Flame). He went to Maryland August 27, 2017 and has settled in well with her other horses. Julie put a deposit down on this baby before our mare had foaled and was thrilled with the outcome from this pairing. If all goes well, he may be kept as a stallion for future breedings. He is a red dun with some gorgeous stripes on his legs and a nice dun stripe down his back.

He had been trailer loading for several weeks before he was due to leave so it was no big deal when he was loaded and ready to leave. We are very thrilled with his new owners and can't wait to see pics as he matures. This boy was sired by our stallion, Blue Knight, and his dam is our mare, Southforty Simply Perfection. This was the first pairing from these two and we were absolutely thrilled with this boy, so we bred them again.  

Katharine Z. from Minnesota is the new proud owner of this beautiful 2016 filly, HSR Perfect Reflection (Faith). She left for her new home in April 2017 and is going to be a great addition to her family. Couldn't be happier with her new owners. Her dam is Southforty Simply Perfection and sire is Remington East.

A photo of Faith at her new home in MN.

She has lost all her winter fur and looks beautiful!

Congratulations to Kelly C. from Ohio on the purchase of Kentucky Slim, a beautiful chocolate 2014 yearling colt. He is registered KMSH and is their second mountain horse. He went to his new home March 29, 2015 and will join her other 4 horses. His sire is our stallion, Blue Knight.

Updated Picture of Kentucky Slim (owner re-named him KoKo) that she sent me May 2, 2016. He has really filled out and looks like a different horse.

Thanks Kelly for sending this.

Congratulations to Paige M. from Connecticut on the purchase of HSR Top Shot, (Shooter), a beautiful chocolate 2 year old gelding. He is registered Rocky Mountain and KMSH and is her first mountain horse. He went to his new home in July 2014 and they are making a great team!! 

He has become an excellent trail horse for Paige.

Another picture taken May 2016 of his owner Paige riding Shooter.

Congratulations to Toni L. in Cleveland, OH on the purchase of The Brew of New Orleans. He went to his new home June 1, 2014 and has become a nice trail horse for Toni. See his video on our video page of Toni riding him down the road and across a creek. His sire is our stallion Blue Knight and dam is Little Mischevious Baby, our red chocolate KMSH mare.

This picture was taken Fall of 2015. What a hunk he has become! He is now used in lessons for children and adults and is a great ambassador for the breed.

Congrats to Amber K and daughter on the purchase of Arrow of Lightning in March 2014. He went to live in Hico, WV. Sired by our stallion, Blue Knight.

Updated picture of Arrow of Lightning (above) in May 2015 as a 2 year old. 

Sir Winston went to live with Judy S. from Pennsylvania in February 2014. She also purchased Dixie, our b/w tn walker mare pictured below. Glad they got to go to the same home. They are enjoying their new home with their donkey friend.

Congratulations to Jessie M. from Colorado for purchasing this beautiful KMSH filly, Cinnamon Crunch Swirl (CeeCee). She went to her new home in Colorado in September 2013 and is doing very well out west. She was sired by our stallion, Blue Knight and dam was Little Mischevious Baby. She looks exactly like her dam. Her owner is now doing Mounted Shooting with her. 

Snickerdoodle Supreme, our 2011 chocolate colt sired by Blue Knight, went to live with Leah and Jamie in Angier, NC in March 2013. He was very easy to saddle break and has been ridden by them both on the trail. He is their first mountain horse.

Blue Knight's Trouble went to PA in October 2012 with his new family. He was the sweetest foal we have had to date. He looked and acted just like his sire, Blue Knight, and dam is Little Mischevious Baby.

Blackjack was sold to the Peeple's family in Marion, VA in March 2012. His sire was Blue Knight, our Rocky Mountain stallion.

Crackerjack went to live with the Deel family in WV in 2011. Sired by Blue Knight and from our walking horse mare. He was still a stallion when we heard from the Deel's in 2015.

Ron and Charlotte V. from Fairmont, WV bought two horses from us. On the left is Creamy Cocoa Latte that was our first mountain horse foal born on our farm. The horse on the right is Silent Thunder, a beautiful sorrel gelding. They are avid trail riders.

Rise N Shine Biscuit was sold to Mr. Rose in Pineville, WV in 2009. He is now riding him and is being used to pull a cart also.

Nov 28, 2018 Just heard from Mr. Rose. He still has Biscuit and he is such a joy to him. He does everything asked of him-pulls wagon, carts, sleds, rides great; just an all around great horse. Mr. Rose is now 82 and still riding Biscuit. 

This is Oreo, our very first foal here at HSR. He went to live with a good friend, Alice M. in Camp Creek, WV. 

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