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MAY 18 - MAY 20, 2018

Arrived Friday afternoon after a 3 hour drive to Smoke Rise Ranch.  Check in was great and found that our stalls were actually inside of a huge barn with an arena on the inside.  Got horses settled in and went to find our campsites.  Campsites were ok; they weren't very level and so we had to do some moving around but we got in and got camp set up.  The sites were a little ways from the barn so you had to take your vehicle back and forth each time with your tack.  Smoke Rise Ranch is an actual working cattle ranch so there were a lot of quarter horses there.  On Saturday morning meet up was at the barn.  They had a short ceremony before the actual ride with all the horses gathered in front of the barn for a portrait of all the riders.  The ride itself was very nice; lasted about 2 hours; rode through fields, woods, and open areas.  There were probably around 80 riders or so.  At various areas they were taking photos and filming for the tv show. 

That evening they had a dinner for the campers and showed the pics that they had taken that day.  There was another ride late Saturday afternoon but we skipped that one.  They had various clinics and events to go to also during the day.

All in all, it was a nice weekend and a different one for us;  we don't usually go on group rides so this was something different for us.




Had a wonderful time at the beach this year.  The weather was in the high 70's and low 80's the whole week with no rain and hardly a cloud.  Didn't even need a jacket to wear, absolutely perfect.  I took Sierra with me and she did excellent. This was her second time going to the beach and she did walk on the edge in the surf a little bit.  Last year not at all so definitely an improvement this year.

There were 9 of us that went in our group and we all had a really nice time.  The horses were great and we had no incidents at all. Shopped a little, rode on the beach, attended the parade and sat around and visited, absolutely wonderful!!

If you have never been, put this ride on your bucket list.  One time I heard there were over 900 horses and I believe more came in the next day.  The whole campground of over 1200 sites was pretty full so I expect there were over 2,000 people there.  This is an absolute "must do" at least once in your lifetime.




Had a very nice trip to Iron Mountain Horse Camp with all of our horse buddies.  We left Friday in the rain and finished out the day in the rain but Saturday was better and we got a nice ride in that day.  The trails were a little muddy in spots but I was pleasantly surprised they weren't bad all over.  Rode for about 3 hours and arrived back and rested then Iron Mountain fed us a really nice dinner.  It stayed cool and overcast all day but we still had a great time.

Sunday we woke up to sun and warmer temps so we saddled up and had a nice ride up the mountain.  It got quite warm that day but not too miserable.  All in all, it was a terrific trip to Virginia.  Not very many trips left this year, really dread winter time! 

JULY 14 - 17, 2017



This was our first time camping at Grayson Highlands State Park and we loved it. We have day rode there but it's been about 6 years ago.  They now have wide covered stalls (in the past, they only had tie stalls)  and the barn is very close to the campground.  It had about 24 sites or so and they were in the woods so you had plenty of shade.  You ride one trail into the park and this place is beyond beautiful!!! 

It looks like you are out west, the landscape is that beautiful!  We saw plenty of wild ponies each day. You can ride rough or just mosey along. We did a bit of both.  Took my 3 year old and she was excellent! This girl is very laid back and takes everything in stride.

There were lots of hikers with the big backpacks, dogs, the wild ponies and lots of gates to go through and she just looked at everything without complaint.  Very happy with how she is turning out.


JUNE 16 - 19TH, 2017

Great time at HHE located in Ivanhoe, VA.  This is one of our favorite places to camp and ride.  They have a teriffic campground that can't be beat.  It is the best campground we have been to-their bathhouse is to die for !!  They have 14 sites and 2 different barns.  It is landscaped beautifully and there are several trails out of camp.  There is plenty of riding and you cross several creeks. 

We had a great time. I took my newly trained 3 year old on the trails and she did excellent. Had a great time, no rain, 8 people total and great fun and friends.





Had a wonderful week at the American Heart Assocation ride in Myrtle Beach, SC.  This is the second time I have been; the last time was 11 years ago.  It is held at the Lakewood Campground which is located right on the beach.  My friend Alice and her horse, Beauty, went with me.  This was my first time pulling our living trailer camper and I did an excellent job!  Me and Alice set up our site and got our electric fencing put up-it wasn't real pretty, but it got the job done.   There was another couple that went and another lady that we ride with also.  There were around 1200 horses there I believe was the count.  You had plenty of beach to ride on and they had photographers on the beach that were snapping pics constantly. 

We arrived Wednesday afternoon and by the time we got camp set up and the horses settled we didn't have ttime to ride on the beach.  We did walk them down there and let them check out the waves-they were not impressed!  I took my 5 year old mare, Sierra, that had a foal this year and she did wonderful!  She wouldn't get in the water at all, but I wasn't surprised! Those waves really can scare them when they come at them!  The weather was wondeful on Thursday and Friday but chillier on Saturday.  We did ride each day and really enjoyed seeing all the horses that were there.




Had a great weekend at Iron Mountain.  There were 7 of us camping and the weather was absolutely perfect.  Days in the 70's, nights cooler at around 60 and no bugs.  There were no flies, and didn't run into any horse flies.  Trails were really nice, some mud in spots but nothing too bad.  Rode Friday afternoon after we got set up for a short 2 hour ride.  I took Sierra with me this time. She is my 5 year old Silver Grulla mare that had a foal this spring.  This was her first ride back since last fall.  She was excellent and boy, that gait, hasn't went anywhere. She gaited wonderfully well and acted excellent. 

Rode again on Saturday for a longer ride and explored some new trails.  We had some really good food this weekend as Bob, camp cook, really cooked up some nice meals for us. 

Couldn't have asked for a better time.


AUGUST 12 - AUGUST 14, 2016

Had a really nice weekend at HHE. We love this place and go several times a year.  Rode my girl Tia and she was excellent on the trails. 



JUNE 17 - JUNE 20, 2016

Had a nice weekend camping at Fairystone State Park. This was mine and hubby's first time camping here and we liked it quite well. The campsites are pull through which is nice, and it is a smaller, more intimate setting. The stalls are really nice and face each other so that your horses can see each other and they have a nice wash rack for the horses also.

Campsites are level with gravel. They have a pit toilet at the campground but no shower house. You can go to the main campground, which is about 2 miles away, and use their shower house if needed.  Trail leads directly from the horse camp and there are about 9 miles of trails.  Not a lot, but we liked it anyway. It is scenic and nothing too strenuous for out of shape horses.  I took my newly trained 3 year old filly, Tia, and she did excellent.  This was her first camping/trail riding experience.  We met quite a few hikers, one barking dog with them, ran across a deer on the trail, and several creeks.  After jumping the first 2 creeks, I took her through the second one several times in a row, she settled down and walked through the rest of them.  She led some, was in the back and the middle of the group.  She was a well behaved, nicely gaited girl

This was also our grandson's first camping trip with us also. He is 2 and really enjoyed himself.  In the late afternoon, we went to the lake and swam at the beach. They have a children's area with lots of water things set up and he just had a ball.

We did miss 2 of our friends that we camp with as they had a sick family member and were unable to attend. 



Had a great weekend riding at Iron Mountain Horse Camp in Ivanhoe, VA.  Weather was very cooperative and it only sprinkled on us Friday evening for a very short time.  Temps were in the 80's and there were no bugs or flies anywhere.  Not sure why, but it was wonderful. Took my Walking Horse Mac and had a nice relaxing time riding.  This place is very nice, plenty of room with our sites, trails are great, and even though they were muddy in places, it wasn't too bad. 

Riding at Twin Oaks Farm with my friend Alice Masters

May 15, 2016

Took my horse Tia to Alice's for the day to ride her for the first time since she came back from training.  She is a 3 year old and was trained for 45 days and I was so excited to ride her.  She was great!  Started out riding her in the round pen to get used to her and to let her get used to me.  No problems there so we progressed to the trail that Alice has at her house and then we went down her gravel road for a ways and she was excellent.  She has a nice, faster walk and a nice smooth gait.  Very mannerly and a good whoa on her. 

I was well pleased with her and hope to ride her again this weekend if weather cooperates.

Leatherwood Campground

Ferguson, NC  April 29 through May 1, 2016

Had a wonderful weekend riding at Leatherwood.  Took Mac, my sorrel Waking Horse gelding with me this time as my riding mare, Sierra, had her foal and stayed home being a mom.  We arrived around noon and got settled in our campsite and we decided to go for a ride. There  were 4 of us, temps were in mid 80's and it was quite hot when we got saddled up and started out.  However, the riding there is up in the mountains and it is in the woods so it did not feel that hot when we were riding.  Rode for about 2 to 2 1/2 hours and it was great.  Horses did really well, trails are nicely marked and you stay mostly in the woods so it was just perfect.

Got up Saturday morning and it was a little chilly.  Temps were only lower 60's that day; close to 70 so not too bad.  Rode for a shorter ride this time and our trails took us up quite high up in the mountains.  Glad I had a terrific horse as it would have been nerve wracking on a less experienced mount.  I have to says the views and scenery are really great there and it just a nice place to visit. 

We left on Sunday as planned, and it had started raining the night before and looked to be settled in for the day.

Hope to go back another time this year.