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What is a grulla? A grulla is a black horse with the Dun gene/dilution. No Dun Stripe? Then it cannot be a grulla. All grulla's will have the dorsal stripe down their back into their tail-not to be confused with countershading. Grulla is a color, not a breed of horse. The color is found in lots of different breeds but is very rare in the mountain horse world. It's often described as a silver, mousy, gray, smoky-blue, slate grey, and charcoal color depending on the season.

Some of the characteristics of a grulla horse are the dorsal stripe, ear tips, stripes on legs, shading on the shoulder and cobwebbing on the forehead. The face and legs will be darker than their body. They may have some or all of the characteristics but all grullas will have the dorsal stripe.

The grulla color is very rare in the Rocky Mountain Assocication and we are very lucky to have acquired 2 mares to add to our breeding program. Stay tuned for pictures of these two girls as the seasons change. Their color changes with the seasons and is very unique so check back often for new pictures.

The girl on the left is a Silver Grulla and on the right she is a Silver Grulla Roan. They look a lot alike and are easy to get mixed up. The girl on the right was one of the first Silver Grulla Roan's in the Association. There are only 4 in the association, of which I am blessed to have one of them. The mare on the left was bred to a blue roan and she foaled a silver grulla roan in 2016. Pictures of her on the sold page. She turned out prettier than the girl I have. Should have kept her! lol

We foaled a beautiful Silver Grulla Roan filly with Cream in 2018. I believe her to be the only girl with these color genes in the association. For pics go to our 2018 foals for sale page. She is not for sale but her picture is on that page.

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